Individuals and Groups

Prices correct May 2015

Individuals £29 per hour
5 hours paid in advance £116 (20% discount)
Over 65yrs £20 per hour
5 hours paid in advance £ 80 (20% discount)

Remote Assistance – £75 annually in advance or £7 per month paid by standing order

If you recommend me to an individual who takes at least 2 hours of full price work, you receive a permanent 10% discount on the standard hourly rate for each separate recommendation*, up to a maximum of 70%.

Remote Assistance recommendations carry a permanent 5% discount.

* A separate recommendation is an individual or small group (2-3 people) taking services at a different address from yourself.

Please note:- VAT is not currently applicable
There is no minimum or callout charge – you pay only for the time you use.