My name is Joanna Pease.

You can contact me on 07486 533785, or mail joanna@abitofsupport.co.uk

I live in Marlow and have been providing assistance with computers and technology since 2013.

My background is in IT, with a degree in Computer Studies, and I worked as an IT Consultant and Project Manager for over 20 years.

As part of that, I was involved in creating and delivering Training on a variety of subjects, and to all types of people, from beginners to experts, temporary staff to company directors.

Tuition Approach

When providing home computer tuition, I always take it at a pace with which you feel comfortable, and try to find analogies which help you to understand what the computer is doing. If there is something you don’t understand, we can come back to it, or go over it – as many times as you need. It’s fear of the unknown which creates anxiety, but familiarity and practice overcome this quicker than you’d think.

How I Can Help You

Technology is always changing, and my skills are being continuously updated and added to. If you are not sure if I do what you require, or if you have specific software for which you would like training, please call or email me.


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