Remote Assistance


Remote Assistance can be used by anyone, anywhere in the country, and allows any issues you have with your technology to be sorted out quickly and with no visit required.

Whatever you have – desktop, laptop, iPad or Android tablet, or even some smartphones – we can connect to it and carry out diagnosis, then fix most problems.

It is completely secure and, if you wish, you can watch what we are doing. We can even chat or exchange messages while we are connected.

You can book a slot for connection, or for urgent requests we can normally help you within 4 hours, sometimes immediately.

How does it work?

Well, how we connect will vary depending on, for instance, whether you have a laptop or a tablet; and on your level of knowledge.

However this happens you will always need to give us authorisation to ‘see’ your computer, so you will need to be there to allow this. If you don’t feel confident the first time you download the software that is often needed for this, we can talk you through it, and we also have detailed, illustrated instructions for each connection method on this website, which we can point you towards if necessary.